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About Manrevive 

What is Manrevive for?

Manrevive is both an offline and online men's health clinic. We provide a wide range of facilities for men. The facilities include healthcare services for men in the areas of obesity, diabetes, performance, piles, liver, kidney stones, and acidity. Manrevive has two types of treatment Ayurveda and Homeopathy

What is Manrevive Ayurveda?

Manrevive Ayurveda treatment helps to treat problems in men through the healing process, which is facilitated by the five elements of nature. The concept of pure AYURVEDIC KERELA medicine is used by our doctors, who have received professional training. In-house production of these Ayurvedic medicines ensures a high level of purity.

What is Manrevive Homeopathy?

In homeopathy, Manrevive doctors bring positive change in the human body so that the whole system responds properly. Homeopathy helps to examine past ailments and subsequently, the doctor brings new developments in the body with proper and regular dosage. It helps to get rid of all diseases with the objective that the disease shall not manifest itself in the body again.

Does Manrevive also treat diseases in women? 

No, we are only experts in solving men-related problems.

Are the products safe?

Yes, 100% Safe. In allopathy, diseases are treated with help of drugs that may have a chemical reaction in your body. But Ayurveda & Homeopathy do not have a side-effect. In-house production of these medicines ensures a high level of purity.

Is Patient data confidential?

Yes, patient privacy is our utmost concern. We don’t share your data outside.

Doctor Consultation

How can we consult Manrevive doctors?

We have given both kinds of facilities to our patients both Offline and Online. In offline consultation, patients can come down to our physical clinic and consult our doctors. Another mode of consultation is online where video calls and voice calls can be used to connect our Vaidyas

How much are doctor consultation fees?

For Offline it is Rs 300 and Online Rs 200

How can I trust doctors that prescribe me medicine?

All manrevive doctors are BAMS, BHMS OR MBBS. They are registered to be practicing medicine under the guidelines of the Medical Council of India (MCI). They are also registered with their respective state medical council. 

Can I speak to the doctor whenever I want?

Once you start Manrevive treatment you have access to your assigned doctor. We also encourage you to be in touch with your doctor so that doctor can monitor your progress. You can speak to our customer care at @9907856800 to fix a doctor’s appointment.


Can I purchase medicine by Cash on Delivery (COD)?

Yes. We support COD for all orders across major Indian Pincodes. You just need to select the payment method as COD.

What kind of payment methods does Manrevive accept?

Manrevive accepts Credit/debit card payments, Gpay, Phonepe and COD.

Are my transactions and banking details secure?

We only use trusted payment gateways. They all have relevant security licenses to ensure a safe transaction. All your payment details are encrypted and sent over a 256-bit secured SSL connection. Manrevive does not store any of your payment information credentials.


How long do I have to take the medicine for Erectile dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation?

Most of our patients get results within 30-days of treatment. Depending on the chronicity and severity of the disease the doctor may advise continuing the treatment further for complete relief. Manrevive has a medicine called “ERECTION REVIVE”. Patients can see improvement within 7 days if it is psychogenic problem.

Can Male Infertility be solved?

Yes. Manrevive has treatment for Male Infertility. It is caused by two main factors which are sexual dysfunction and sperm quality issues. Manrevive has the medicine “SPERM REVIVE” which improves the quality of Sperm, contains three things - Sperm Count, Mortality, and Morphology.

How can we increase Testosterone levels in our bodies?

Manrevive has permanent treatment for low Testosterone. We have a medicine called “TESTOSTERONE REVIVE”. It works into roots of problems reactivating the testis to increase the production of testosterone rather than providing testosterone externally.

Can Diabetes be reversed?

Manrevive has permanent treatment for Diabetes for both Type 1 and Type 2 Patients. Our Doctors suggest starting medication when the Glucose level is near the borderline. We have a medicine called “DIABETES LEVEL 1 REVIVE” which does not allow Glucose levels to increase further. Our other medicine for Diabetic patients is called “DIABETES LEVEL 2 REVIVE” which helps to reduce glucose levels and takes them to a normal level.

How to remove Kidney stones without surgery?

Don’t worry Manrevive will help you to remove kidney stones completely. Manrevive has a permanent treatment for Kidney Stones which is famously known as “STONE REVIVE” medicine.

How can you treat fatty liver and liver cirrhosis using Ayurveda?

Manrevive has permanent treatment for Fatty Liver and liver Cirrhosis. We personally suggest the medicine “LIVER REVIVE”.

Can you treat Obesity naturally?

Yes. There is no need to worry, MANREVIVE will help you to lose weight naturally by methods backed by Ayurveda. Manrevive has permanent treatment for obesity and weight loss “WEIGHT LOSS & OBESITY REVIVE” medicine.

Does Manrevive have a solution for Acidity?

Manrevive has a permanent treatment for acidity. We have a medicine called “ACIDITY REVIVE”.

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