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Kidney Stone

by Dhruv, 25 Apr 2023

There are different names for kidney stones


Urine related symptoms

 Types of Kidney stones


Calcium stone

Struvite Stone

Uric acid stone

 Diagnosis & Investigation of kidney stone

1) From Symptoms

2) Blood test: Ca and uric acid

3) Urine test: Crystal-forming substance

4) Imaging Technology


Treatment of Kidney Stone

1) Drink plenty of water

2) Manrevive ayurvedic medicine “Stone Revive” acts as an alpha-blocker to dilate the uterus

3) Sound wave

4) Surgery Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy


Don’t worry Manrevive will help you to remove Kidney stones completely. Manrevive has a permanent treatment for Kidney Stones, which is famously known as “Stone Revive” medicine.

Results have been outstanding so far and you can experience yourself after usage, Dosage will be suggested by doctors at the time of consultation.

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