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Manrevive Ayurveda

by Ritesh, 09 Apr 2023


There are two types of treatment which are safe, natural and devoid of side effect or after effect as in allopathy. These are Ayurvedic treatment and Homeopathic treatment. Seeing all the side effects of allopathy, Manrevive Ayurveda was founded by Sir Ritesh Chourasia and his wife Madhurika Chourasia. We provide a wide range of facilities for men. The facilities include healthcare services for men in the areas of obesity, diabetes, performance, piles, liver, kidney stone, acidity, and many more. Guess what! The services don’t end there. We also provide online consultation bookings, offline consultations with certified doctors and virtual self-assessment exams to assist you in receiving the best advice for your requirements. Our services are curated to make your lives easier and to “revive” you because men matter!

With the tie up and integration of more than 97 years of Ayurvedic manufacturing facility, best of Vaidya of India and latest technology in field of healthcare, manrevive Ayurveda was founded.

The main purpose of this start-up is to make men’s lives easier, because why not! We know that post the pandemic, people have resorted to online means since it made lives much easier. Hence, our start-up provides a hassle-free way of shopping and availing the best services we offer, from the comfort of your home. 

Best of Doctors and Vaidyas joined us 

We have a dedicated team of doctors with decades of experience who are carrying on the legacy of successfully treating patients for the past 35 years.

We are one of the few sexologists in India that have created a non-surgical treatment for erectile dysfunction using  Low Intensity  shockwave therapy. The concept of pure AYURVEDIC KERELA medicine is used by our doctors, who have received professional training. In-house production of these Ayurvedic medicines ensures a high level of purity.

Manrevive has gained a lot of recognition over time in Kolkata and other parts of West Bengal. For patients outside of West Bengal, online consultation has been quite helpful.

Our team of skilled physicians has developed its own medication for the treatment of male sexual dysfunction. We have treated more than 50,000 individuals for issues like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation throughout the course. 

We initially started as a small group of like-minded individuals who wanted to bring a mighty revolution for men’s healthcare with a common goal to make men’s lives easier. Help us to grow by opting for our indigenous services.

Manrevive Ayurveda treatment helps to treat sexual problems in men by treating the root cause of problems and stimulating body’s self-defence mechanism. It will regenerate body sexual organs, artery, brain and nervous system and will start functioning with 100% efficiency. Manrevive offers Constitutional Ayurveda treatment for Erectile dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation and Male Infertility based on symptoms, causes and individual diagnosis. We have a team of dedicated Vaidyas who provide the healing power to patients.

Our aim is to provide Ayurvedic treatment by using classical Ayurveda through MANREVIVE AYURVEDA.

Duration of Manrevive Ayurvedic Treatment is more than allopathic treatment but unlike allopathy it doesn’t have side effects. In allopathy, diseases are treated with the help of drugs, whereas in ayurveda the healing process is facilitated with the five elements of nature.


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