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Low Testosterone

by Dhruv, 25 Apr 2023


People nowadays go to the gym and abuse testosterone (take Testosterone externally). This is a very common occurrence in this generation. They then complain about infertility. On the outside, a person appears fit, but on the inside, he is impotent. Gym coaches and trainers do not discuss the negative effects of consuming testosterone externally. They will only praise and boast about how you can gain muscle, get good abs, lose weight, burn fat, and so on.

Testosterone is a male hormone that makes you a man. It promotes beard growth, balances your body's fat content, maintains muscle mass, and libido, and aids sperm production.

How does the body produce testosterone?

GNRH is released by the hypothalamus (a part of the human brain) in order to produce testosterone. It travels to the pituitary gland, an endocrine gland. It generates two hormones, FSH and LH. LH stimulates the brain to produce testosterone and FSH hormones are critical for sperm production. So, in order to produce a sufficient amount of testosterone, your brain must be relaxed and stress-free.

When testosterone is produced in the testis, it is distributed throughout the body and blood. It builds muscle, influences men to have sex, aids in erections, keeps the spongy tissue of the penis healthy, and determines your reproductive potential.

Fat cells consume testosterone. Aromatase enzymes can be found in fat cells. It is responsible for the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Estrogen is a hormone produced by females. If Estrogen enters your body, your female character will develop, and you will have female-like fat distribution. As a result, testosterone levels should be higher than estrogen levels, and their degradation should be minimized. We need to have less fat and burn more calories.

How do you calculate Testosterone?

Using a blood test

  1. Active-free testosterone 
  2. Total testosterone (Albumin)

A blood test is recommended between 7 and 11 a.m. when testosterone levels are high. Its normal value is between 28-8.8 and 220-1000.

This varies from lab to lab and is determined by the reference scale.


You can naturally boost your testosterone levels. 


If the brain discovers that testosterone is present in the body that was obtained from outside, the brain will stop giving signals to the testis to produce testosterone. The testis will gradually shrink until it is the size of a peanut. This is known as negative feedback. Sperm production is decreasing. When the external source of testosterone is cut off and the testis ability to produce sperm is also cut off, men with massive bodies who appear to be in perfect shape on the outside become infertile and impotent. It is extremely difficult to resurrect.



Manrevive has permanent treatment for low Testosterone. We have a medicine called ”Testosterone Revive”. It works into roots of problems reactivating the testis to increase the production of testosterone rather than providing testosterone externally.

It has an excellent result, which you will get to know after starting medication. Dosage will be suggested by doctors at the time of consultation.

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