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I am very happy with the treatment. I will refer you to someone looking for treatment. Just like I have gained a new life with the use of these medicine I hope others find it too.


Shubham Gupta


I have consulted them online for my husband who was facing Erectile dysfunction and worried about cure as some doctors asked for surgery. But to my surprise with one-week medicine he has shown sign of improvement. It is  now 100% cured. I want to thank them .Don’t hesitate to consult them. Tell them everything and rest assured.


Anshika jain




Ami chikitsae puro labh payechi.Amar Janashona ekjon er theke el jaygar khobor pai.Seo ekhon treatment kore bhalo ache


Sayantan Chatterjee






I am very happy with the treatement.Excellent counselling done by them.I have recovered a lot.




I felt very comfortable and reassured throughout conversation. Doctor is great, answering any questions I had and took good care of me at each stage; before, during and after my procedure. I would fully recommend them. Thank you all who supported me.


Akash Gupta



Erection revive medicine of manrevive works wonder.Doctor has helped me by prescribing right medicine for my problem


Sahil khan


I had fatty liver so I had tried allopathic medicine which made me weak.Then I get to know about manrevive men health clinic .so I went there and consulted doctor.They generally  treat problem through homeopathy or ayurveda.Doctor gave me medicine Liver revive which really helped me.


Jyoti singh


They helped me to reverse my diabetes with regular exercise.


Srikar Reddy



I have tried different product for my husband problem Acidity revive, Liver revive. Products are genuine and work very good


Anushree Sen


Maine bahut herbal juice try kiya and then manrevive Jamun karela 1000 ml I have used.It was pure and make me energetic all time.


Mukesh Sharma


Stone revive was recommended by manrevive doctor for my kidney stone.Medicine has broken my stone and surgery which was recommended by various doctors was avoided.Thank you manrevive


Subhojit Banerjee


Diabetel level 1 revive medicine is awesome.Fully satisfied


Titu Singh


Acidity revive is good product for acidity related problem.Now I don’t use allopathic medicine .


Ravi Gupta


Manrevive has helped me a lot in weighloss journey.Along with regular exercise and Obesity revive medicine helped me reduce 10 3 month.Still I am using


Sholk Malhotra


I was not able to conceive.Then I heard about manrevive men health clinic from google .They are physical health clinic unlike other.So I went to manrevive clinic with my husband and consulted doctor.Doctor gave Testosterone revive and Sperm revive medicine to my husband.Ater using medicine for 2 months I conceived.So thank you manrevive and all people.


Rituparna Das


Facing Erectile dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation and our marriage relation was becoming weak.I consulted manrevive doctor and was prescribed  Erection revive .I would say 90% it has worked for me.I am still using medicine.


Vikash Kumar


I have been taking treatment of Liver Cirrhosis from manrevive .My Liver is responding ver well.Thanks manrevive


Gaurab Banerjee


Great product .Obesity revive is really working for me.


Sashank Agarwal


I am very satisfied with weight loss product.


Kaushik Sen


Impressive product for Acidity. Would like to recommend Acidity revive for all.


Dipankar Halder


I had blood in my stool. After diagnosis I came to know that I have been suffering from 1-degree hameroid .So manrevive doctor gave me Piles revive Kit .Great product. Blood stopped coming.

Overall experience was good. Treated for Erectile dysfunction


Ritwik Singh


I really appreciate manrevive for making excellent medicine which work for us. Our whole family and older one use manrevive products for different health issue.


Nikhil Yadav


Testosterone revive is best medicine for men. It makes me man in short.


Prashant Nayak



Sperm revive is a great product if someone is looking to increase Sperm count




Erection revive is nice product. Premature Ejaculation has been solved .


Aryan Agrawal


I enjoy marriage life with Erection revive and Testosterone revive. It helped with Orgasm to both of us


Jatin Das


Thanks manrevive for making such affordable and result oriented product .In 1 week improvement can be seen.





Value for money .Piles revive.





I would surely recommend it for all who want to solve their Sexual dysfunction.Erection revive is the solution.




Earlier I could not last for 1 minute but after usage of medicine for 7 days my Erection and timing both got increased.Thank you manrevive


Bhaskar Dutta


By far best medicine for Erectile dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation manrevive has.Thanks for saving.


Rinku Kumar


Actually I ordered Obesity revive for weight loss with lots of doubts.But after using it for 15 days I can say product is worth it.


Shantanu Taneja


I am taking Piles revive  and results are very good.


Krishna Kant


Stone revive was recommended by manrevive doctor.It helped me to overcome.


Sayantan Sen


Obesity revive  really reduced my weight and i seem very healthy now, however it hasn't been 2 month since m taking this tablets. It started to show the result within 2


Kaushik Gupta



Manrevive has really natural product with effective results


Ronit Jain


Excellent quality. Using for more than a month now. Works as desired.


Rinku Singh



Delivery was quick and nice




The product is very good and the flavor is amazing , it really works..




Fantastic, these are great at suppressing your diet and tasted really fresh!


Madhav Mishra


Liver revive. It helped me to detoxify my liver..It just does its job without any side effects .


Pranav Mishra


I did not received the product yet


Anshul Mohta



Testosterone revive which was pure shilajit I have ordered.I have started feeling energetic after taking these tablets. It has been 1 months now and I am going to continue this.


Mahesh Agarwal


Acidity revive for acidity is very nice products


Rahul jain

Erection revive is excellent  product  for Sexual problem.I  am enjoying my marriage life taking medicine regularly.Recommend to buy from


Ajay singh


Kidney revive.Been using this since quite a while.. It's a very helpful product for recovering from kidney stone


Nishant jain


Very happy with Piles revive medicine.


Anand Jaiswal

The taste of the Juice is amazing and the effects are also seen in couple of days . A must buy thing for everyone


Neeraj Bhardwaj


Neem Juice is amazing.It reduces hairfall when used consistently.


Pawan kumar


Tulsi Juice I used it for almost 1 month, result seems good enough, use once a day and consistently...It helps me to fight cold and cough.


Ashsish jain


Over all quality of product is good.nice looks and sharp  .Nice product.


Sashank Saurabh

Great packaging and a great tool indeed. Product is absolutely the same as advertised.



Jamun Karela Juice ..use karo regularly.... mereko 2 week mein results dikha aur main continue kar raha ..Sugar level kam karo..


Jitendar Sinha

Triphala Juice …this product very very workout because I am using two times I am really very happy very useful product I like very much taste


Ramnarayan Reddy

Very happy with the product manufactured by manrevie Go through


Karan Malhotra.

I am satisfy with the product.You will get to know on purity after consuming.



It is a good product made keeping in mind with regards to Men health.


Ankit Banerjee

It was awesome product which makes a man feel really privileged as there are many products available for women but very rare for men but this platform has really made men feel.


Nikesh Karmakar

Thank you manrevive for understanding the needs of man and developing this wonderful Obesite revive. A very good product..


Vikram Kapoor


After using this product Erection revive I can say it works for me, with no side effects at all



Juices are very pure.It’s seriously working.




I'm using Erection revive for the past one months with regular exercise now my performance under sheet is awesome and long lasting



My whole family is using manrevive Juices.They work wonders. 


Sridhar Rao



I was using Liver revive  for past two months.. i can able to see changes in my health. 




Obesity revive is perfect with natural ingredients.



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