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by Ritesh, 25 Apr 2023

Engagingly, there is no medical term for acidity in general, so there isn't a specific definition of acidity. If we ask someone what acidity feels like, they describe it in a fascinating number of ways.

A few of the popular symptoms and causes are:


Burps are nothing of a worry, those are just expulsions of air from the stomach through the mouth. These are neither signs nor an effect of any disease. They are just a reflux of our body when one happens to consume lots of air along with food.

Heat Burns in general are caused due to the acid released by our stomach into the food pipe which causes a burning sensation.

Although there is more than one reason for abdominal burning, they might be.


Following the burn there might be abdominal pain for some, this pain could be either in the center or right & left of the abdomen, which is pursued by different reasons  Irregular or uncommon patterns or state of feces describe constipation best.

Diagnosis of acidity

 We pass a flexible tube with having camera through the mouth and it goes through the food pipe, Stomach, and also part of the Duodenum where internal structure can be visualized. Endoscopy is a beautiful technique where internal structure can be seen without cutting. Many people are afraid of endoscopy but it just takes 5 minutes and can give important information about the course of treatment. Endoscopy can also allow taking some biopsies. Biopsies are used to confirm infection of cancer

It is a very basic and important test to give a visualization of the internal abdomen


Manrevive has a permanent treatment for acidity. We have a medicine called: "Acidity Revive”. It has an excellent result which you will get to know after starting medication. Dosage will be suggested by doctors at the time of consultation.

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