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Men’s Health

by Dhruv, 25 Apr 2023

Preventive test for Men’s Health?

 We all need to take care of Men’s Health for the smooth running of the family. As the age increases, the longevity of men decreases. With the passage of time, we are seeing that today men who are in India are living 3-5 years less than women and there are many reasons for this. Some reasons are that men are genetically weak, that is, the structure inside them, the information of cells, is inferior compared to women. The second important thing is that the work of men in society is very high-risk work like going to war, doing construction work in high-rise buildings, working in factories, etc. The third thing is that men do not share their problems, not share their stress because their social structure is such that they are not able to establish good links. If he openly shares his problems then he is made fun of in society.

There is also a reason that many men start consuming drugs, they take alcohol or do smoking or drugs when they come under stress. This further impacts their health. And all of these reasons result in a reduced lifespan for men. Hence this is what we'll be talking about today. 


How to take care of Men’s Health?

We'll cover how men can take care of their health better. We'll also discuss about the guidelines our #menshealth society came up with.

Let's start with men aged between 18-30 years. When men of this age group come to the Manrevive clinic, we look out for some particular diseases. One of which is congenital which was never diagnosed due to negligence and ignorance of disease in men. Apart from other developmental disorders, a lot of these are mental health disorders in men. The latter is often due to some stressful incidents that never came to light among adequate care. As men of this age group are sexually active, a lot of these diseases are also sexually transmitted. The tests that we conduct for this age group are basic tests like for their hemogram, kidneys, liver, thyroid, and semen as well as testosterone hormones, and STDs. We also discuss pre-marital health check-ups with these men and suggest further tests along the same. We recommend these tests be taken bi-yearly.

Now for men aged between 30-50, there are various other diseases. Most of these cases are a result of work stress, infertility, and poor sexual performance. Hence for these, on top of the tests discussed earlier, we also recommend tests for cholesterol, liquid profile, sugar, ECG, and semen analysis. We suggest these tests be conducted yearly. If someone has faced prostate cancer, we suggest a PSA test and for sexual problems, we focus on semen analysis and testosterone. A lot of corporate companies also package all of these tests under "Executive men's health check-ups", so do look out for the same if your firm offers so.

 Now for men above the age of 50, we look out for lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure, sugar, and metabolic syndromes. Testosterone levels at this age often drop low but go unattended under the presumption of being "normal" at such an age. And lastly, one of the deadliest diseases to look out for are cancers, namely lung cancer, oral cancer, and lately, prostate cancer as well. Prostate cancer has become the 2nd-most prominent cancer in major metropolitan cities. For a lot of men suffering from urinal problems, we suggest various tests on hemograms, kidneys, liver functions, and some cancer markers. ECG, ultrasound, chronoscope, and X-Rays of the chest are also recommended.

We hope that all of the check-ups we talked about would garner your attention in a way that you'd encourage yourselves and the men around you for appropriate health check-ups.

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