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How Many Times Masturbation is Healthy

by Ritesh, 25 Apr 2023

Patients come to Manrevive Clinic and discuss general doubts, myths, and misconceptions about masturbation. Lots of patients come to us and ask if we have done mistakes in childhood.

This is your answer for How many times masturbation is healthy

Everyone has an appetite for food. Like a person is hungry for food, and thirsty for water, in the same way, every person has a sexual appetite So it is not right to limit masturbation but we have to understand that if one is involved in masturbation and thinking about it all the time then he can be obsessed with it. It can indirectly affect his career. It can be done as many times as will satisfy you. So masturbation should be done gently and one should not do experiments. If this process is done in a very rough way, violently, in the wrong posture, and not in a hygienic condition then it will be a problem. It is a private part so it should be done with respect and gracefully.

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