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Ayurvedic Medicine for Nightfall

by Ritesh, 25 Apr 2023

Nightfall is very common among men and boys so you don’t need to worry. Boys who have reached the age of adolescence often wake up and find semen discharge. This is an instantaneous orgasm and is called Nightfall.

The frequency of nightfall varies from person to person. However, it can be embarrassing to talk about it in public.


Ayurveda treats a person as a whole physically and mentally taking care of past and present symptoms. It also helps to strengthen body immunity and avoids the reoccurrence of the disease. The amount of semen secretion depends on testosterone, libido, stress, early sexual relationship, and diet.

The first step towards treating nightfall is to have a healthy, well-balanced diet. A good diet strengthens the body and also makes it more responsive to Manrevive medication. You should take green vegetables and seasonal fruits which will free your body from any vitamin deficiency.

Meditation and yoga are effective ways of preventing nightfall. This facilitates the connection between your brain and body. It calms down your mind and your brain

can stay stress-free. Pranayama Yoga also helps reduce stress and in turn, reduces nightfall. Pranayama is best practiced in the morning as soon as you wake up.

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